My housemates ~


if i’m not mistaken, we have not been sitting down @ the living room & chat since sept. / oct. ’05
it has been abt 6 mths, half a year … oh gosh ..

but tonite, v r back @ the living room… for abt 3 hrs…
can’t believe it when i look at the clock as i step into my room .. haha … ^^

how many ppl living in this house? hhmm…
me, janice, lily, cecilia, ong, & alvin… oh .. total of 6… i seldom count anyway.. ^^

but v never had a full gathering so far… ^^ mayb all are busy of own’s life..
but… i think there will one, very soon … ^^ be patient ya .. ^^

nice chat with Janice & Cecilia, tonite.. ^^

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