Worth Thinking~~


i like this pic … ^^

TELL ME !! wat do u think of this pic?
haha .. isn’t it juz funny?? haha ^^

initially when i saw this pic,
without reading the moral part, without much thinking,
i juz laugh it LOL.. it’s funny,
cos at the end of the day, it does not get any help to get up from hanging there …
i tot it’s juz a normal jokes..

but when i reach the Moral part, then onli i realize the pic from another angle .. ^^

Guess what !!!!

Friends may not be able to PULL u up…
BUT, they will still think of ways not to let u FALL…

it immediately make me feel warm.. ~~ Friends..

but the reality is this,
friends are not compulsory to be sincere to us.. this is the truth out there..
so, we still need to open our eyes big enuf to study, to know our friends around… Agree?? ^^

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