@ Changi Airport, Singapore


wow .. too bad .. this pc does not support chinese ..aih.. so i can’t type in chinese too .. haha ..
anyway.. i’m now oredi at singapore changi airport .. waiting for the transit flight.. to narita, tokyo, japan ..
excited .. but oso nervous .. haha .. dunno nervous abt wat .. simply ..

dongmen .. i did not cry leh .. at klia ..
but got tears rolling in my eyes onli when i hug my mom b4 i go in .. aih ..
dunno the tears roll for wat .. all at a sudden .. aih ..

noel, terminal 3 here is really huge leh .. heheeh ..
no wonder u like here so much .. hahaah .. it’s really a very nice place .. ^^

this internet surfing is provided free here .. but it will onli last for 15 minutes .. haah ..
nvm.. i have 3 hours here .. but got to switch to another one later i think .. ^^
or mayb can re-login again here .. haaha .. dunno .. ^^
so i gotta quickly post this ..

last but not least ..
thanks for everyone who wished for me .. thank you sooooooo much …

it’s too bad i can’t upload photo here .. hahaahah .. (u think ur home meh??? ) hahaah ..

ok la .. 5 minutes left .. will be right back .. hahaah .. ^^

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13 Responses to @ Changi Airport, Singapore

  1. avatarFishy says:


  2. avatarMichelle, Wei Ching says:

    hope you’ll enjoy your new life in japan ^^

  3. avatarleeling aka ling.ling says:

    #RE: fishyhahaa .. tat’s the prob tat i dun a laptop lo .. hahaha .. yet to see the plane leh .. hahah .. try my best to take the photo of the plane la .. hahaah .. btw .. now i’m waiting go into another level oredi .. waiting to go on the plane .. ^^#RE: michellehey.. thank you very much .. ^^tell u guys a very interesting story from my 4-years-old cousin later .. ^^ when i settled down in nagoya ..^^-

  4. avatarNoel says:

    呵呵。。 是不是大得有点恐怖?^^一路顺风,好好照顾自己。

  5. avatardongmen says:


  6. avatarPauline Wong says:

    happy to know that you’re another step closing to japan! Quick quick update something to tell us you’ve arrived safe in Japan ok?

  7. avatarlongye says:

    enjoy your life in japan. =)

  8. avatarkaka says:

    就奇怪,怎么你突然转写英文了。。。 :p不一样的地方,不一样的环境,不一样的心情,不一样的生活。。。祝福你~~ 幸福快乐~~活得精彩自在! ^_^

  9. avatarkhengsiong says:

    No photos ah?

  10. avatarleeling aka ling.ling says:

    #RE: noel我只能逗留在terminal 3的transit hall 咧。。不过里面就已经很大了。。哈哈。。让我惊讶的,是里面的设备咧。。^^#RE: dongmen哈哈。。其实在机场前,我还算紧张的。。可是到了机场后。。就不紧张了。。开始有不舍得的感觉。。然后那一个拥抱。。。要命。。害我得赶紧转过头避开大家的眼神。。哈哈。。^^#RE: paulinehaha .. when i read ur comment here, of cos i arrived safe in japan oredi lo ..^^ thanks for ur concern.. ^^#RE: longyesure …sure ..^^#RE: kaka哈哈。。对咯。。英文这么烂。。哪里敢每次都写英文阿。。。还怕大家看不懂呢。。哈哈。。不过这也是一个问题也。。我发觉如果我在不用英文的话,我的英文会很快退步也。。呵呵呵。。谢谢你。。。你也一样要幸福快乐哦。。^^-

  11. avatarleeling aka ling.ling says:

    #RE: khengsiongu mean photo of japan ? hahaa .. still arranging .. be patient ya .. hahh .. p/s: thanks for visiting..^^-

  12. avatar罗密欧**秦 says:


  13. avatarleeling aka ling.ling says:

    #RE: 罗密欧**秦哈哈。。我也希望我能写出流利的日文欸。。 哈哈。。 谢谢。。。^^-

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