Tado Matsuri 多度祭


黄金周 开始了,到 NIC 去看看最近这附近有什么活动。。


Event : Tado Matsuri (Festival) 多度祭 / Ageuma Shinji 上げ馬神事
When : May 4 & 5
Where : Tado Shrine

The main event for this ancient festival is a horse jumping event,
which draws large crowds each year & much unwanted attention from animal rights organizations.

The focus of the festival is the age-uma-shinji ceremony. The horses are ridden by young males around the ages of 17–19 representing the six sections of the city. The horses run up a hill before trying to jump over a two-meter high wall, which always causing many riders and horses to get badly injured.

On the first day, each area’s representative jumps over the wall twice for a total of 12 jumps.
On the second day, each representative only makes one attempt for a total of six jumps.
Other events follow the horse jumping on the second day, including yabusame, a form of archery.

This event was named one of Mie Prefecture’s Designated Intangible Cultural Properties in 1978.(三重県の無形民俗文化財产)

Quote from Wiki & NIC

不知道为什么要跳过那2m的墙。。想象不到。。所以上 Youtube 找了一下。。

这 Video 里的,都还是成功的例子。。


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